Kelcey Wells taps in to the apocalyptic vein running through today’s cultural zeitgeist by revisiting the inception of the millennium in his new chapbook Music for End Times.

Music for End Times envelopes readers in a breakbeat fueled fever dream that carries them from the blinding bustle of midtown avenues to the dark forgotten alley ways of lower Manhattan on the last day of the twentieth century.

Revelatory, caustic and darkly evocative it is at once an affectionate love letter to New York City and an unflinching dissection of the cultural empire for which the city is a monument. Using his own personal experiences as touchstones, Kelcey Wells submerges the reader deep beneath the glossy veneer of modern society on a quest to discover what it actually means to be a twenty first century human.

From an idealized vision of celebration in Times Square to the judgment of the harlot Babylon on abandoned docks along the East River, Music for End Times irreverently mixes first hand experiences, classical mythology and surrealist imagery. The result is an engaging and emotional investigation into the unseen machinary of our post-future culture and an attempt to give voice and shape to the emerging myths of this young century

* * * * *

"If the world did not have the decency to end at the appointed hour, or at the very least erupt in cataclysmic chaos, then it is our solipsistic duty to force the issue. We will wear away at the flimsy veneer of this reality, fraying it at the edges. We will pull all the demons from the cabinets and let them loose in a world of our own making. "